Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello 28 and 2013!!


January 10, 2013 came and voila! I'm already 28 yo.

it is already February 2013..before i rant (or talk sweetly) any further, i'd like to give myself a friendly slap for not fulfilling my own promise to update no later than January 2013. i mentioned it here =D *slap!!*

ok back on track..

yup. i turned 28 last month. i am grateful to the Almighty to grant me the chance to breathe for 28 years on His earth..may He permit me to live longer and make me an obedient Muslim, insyaAllah..

anticipations are not that much for 2013, i just hope things will get better. that's all.

better Muslim
better Daughter
better Sister/Aunt
better Friend
better Employee
better Rezki

better soon-to-be-Wife, maybe?

insyaAllah..Allah's plans are better than my dreams. =)


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